"Beetleweight" Combat Robot

A 3-pound "beetleweight" combat robot is a small but formidable robot designed to compete in the beetleweight class of combat robotics competitions. These robots are typically around 8 inches in length, width, and height and are made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or titanium to maximize their speed and agility.

The robot is powered by geared electric motors and controlled by a radio transmitter, allowing me to maneuver the robot around the arena and attack the opponents with a variety of weapons, such as spinning blades or hammers. In my case a horizontal spinning blade. The robot's armor is also specially designed to withstand impacts and damage from other robots. I used HDPE ablative armor to absorb impacts.

Despite its small size, a beetleweight combat robot can be incredibly powerful and destructive, capable of delivering devastating blows to its opponents and disabling them within seconds. These robots require a high level of engineering and design skill to build and operate effectively, making them a popular choice for robot enthusiasts and hobbyists looking for a challenging and exciting project.